ANZAC Bridge - Sydney

References   References to the ANZAC Bridge, the Old Glebe Island Bridge and the ANZACs.

David Moore's Book

David Moore's Book



The book by distinguished photographer David Moore provides an excellent pictorial and factual record of this great construction.

To build a BRIDGE
Glebe Island Sydney Australia
David Moore

ISBN 0 947322 10 8

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Glebe Island Sydney Australia
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ANZAC Bridge Heritage and History
Glebe Island Bridge Heritage and History
Live camera on ANZAC Bridge
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8. Austress Freyssinet Pty Ltd The sub contractor responsible for the cable stays and other specialist engineering technologies. (downloads a PDF document)
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15. Phoenix Foundry manufactured the "Rising Sun" badge. Download Phoenix Foundry Newsletter
16. Flickr Pictures of ANZAC Bridge
17. Locate the ANZAC Bridge using Google Maps
Google Earth Coordinates are -33.869340 151.185780
18. Kármán vortex street - vortices around a cable


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