ANZAC Bridge - Sydney

Closing the two halves   The closing of the two halves of the bridge took place on 24th July 1995 in the evening to avoid movements due to temperature changes. The two halves were jacked apart and clamped with temporary beams before the final concrete segment was cast.

These pictures were taken a couple of days before closing. It was a cold grey day.

The gap from the old bridge

The form traveller on the eastern end - viewed from the old bridge
as the close approaches.

The gap

"The gap" looking west as the close approaches.

close up 2

Close up view looking south

close up 1

Close up view looking north

The Gap Closes

View of the gap between the two bridge halves.
The form traveller's last segment is almost complete.


This plaque, visible from the pedestrian footpath on the middle of the bridge, celebrates the closure.
A commemorative time capsule is embedded behind the plaque.

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